<aside> 💡 Biases are listed from the most to least compelling to me. Most of the descriptions are my own. 🎨 The pallet marks biases that I either named or defined.


<aside> 💡 Mental Models vs. Cognitive Biases – Mental models are more tools for thinking or decision making (mostly constructive). Cognitive biases are distortions or illusions and are happening unconsciously (mostly destructive).


My-side bias

Hierarchy bias 🎨

Confirmation bias

Availability bias

Expert trap 🎨

Loss aversion

No bias bias 🎨

Scope neglect

Typical mind fallacy

Ontological projection fallacy

Singulatrons 🎨

Sunk costs

Group think

Negativity bias

Beliefs as tastes 🎨

Recency bias

Duality of mind and body 🎨