The Art of Accomplishment

How to ask well: Can you clean my car so it looks like coming of a new dealership for under $150 and so you enjoy yourself doing it. (showinf them how to win without micro-managing and being prescriptive)

You are probably underestimating how good self-love can be - EA Forum

When you go through loving-kindness rewriting: "You no longer pursue things in order to feel worthwhile, but simply because you want to”

Owen Cotton-Barratt on epistemic systems & layers of defence against potential global catastrophes

How should long-termist live life if they believe this civilization will last a long time? Be a good citizen, care about other people, be able to do sensible decisions, be able to think clearly

Why Is It Hard To Acknowledge Preferences?

This is a version of Confirmation bias. It runs more on older people. “If you're the sort of person who, upon hearing a good argument for cryonics, will start looking into how to freeze disembodied heads, you're probably good at making large updates away from common-sensical priors really quickly.”

Fireside chat | Tyler Cowen | EAG DC 2022

I liked when asked a series of overated / unerated questions (at the very end) Tyler Cowen answers with first other perpective in minds. He is very flexible here, thinking about topics from wide geographic / demographic perspectives. He finishes with: “we really try to be objective. It’s very hard to be. Almost no one is”

Free Will, consciousness, creativity, explanations, knowledge and choice.

Whatever is conscious is creative. Whatever is unconscious is uncreative. Highway hypnosis is phenomenon when you drove a car on a familiar route and completely blanked on the experience. You could be doing something immersive like listening to the audiobook. In order to experience highway hypnosis first you need to solve the problems of learning how to drive and driving the route many times. “Once we have conjectured the knowledge then tested it in the world and it solves our problem then this knowledge can run like an algorithm it seems directing our behavior while that which we really are - the conscious creative entity that is a person is able to move on to learning other things. This happens when we are on so-called autopilot.”