Epistemic status:

Below is a list of foundational emotions. These emotions were developed in our deep past, some when we were still animals. All of these emotions have very adaptation reason why they were selected for.


Mother of all emotions. Fear is one of the most fundamental mechanisms regulating approach or avoid decisions.


Reaction to obstacles, highly energetic


In the past there was really high child mortality, if there was only anger mothers would be only destructive member of the group for months. Reversely sadness is a low energy emotion that regulates Anger.


Reward for achieving or accomplishing something. There is way more negative than positive foundational emotions. Evolutionarily negative emotions were more important for survival.


Is a social child of fear. Humans couldn't physically out compete larger predators so they had to gather in groups. Shame helped control the group through norms. Humans feel shame or embarrassment when they think they cross these norms. Shame is internalized society in us.


Excrements, food that is rotten or dirty may poison an animal if consumed. Disgust regulates what is good for an animal to eat or be in contact with.