Breaks are productive

Breaks are counterintuitive because not doing is productive. When learning something the quality of your focused time is as important as the time away from material. Terrence Sejnowski in Learning how to learn shared research showing that if there is a learning sessions new synapses are formed during sleep.

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Different quality of breaks

Breaks are of higher quality when you are able to strongly remove yourself from your default environment, when for a long stretch of time there is nothing to remind you of your regular thought processes, when the environment you are in is maximally immersive.

A study discovered also shared in Learning how to learn showed that rats who lived in rich environment, cages that had things like spinners, sliders had neurons connection 2x stronger than rats in cages that were empty. Rich environments is about surrounding yourself with people, rich scenery, participating in stimulating events or excercising. No wonder that so many best ideas happens in a micro break which is shower.

In not ‣ I describe surfing as one of the most immersive I experienced.

This is also why I think psychedelic therapies are effective. This is my own hypothesis that I formed reading a lot about this subject particularly How to change your mind 🔗. It is perhaps because this is one of the most immersive environments. Psychadelics may be the most effective at pulling you from your default mode network, away from being eternally stuck in our egotic, repetitive, distortion-producing selves.”

Breaks in judaism

For full six days men focus on how they want to be. However on the seventh day men focuses on what god wants, a man to be. | PL: Przez całe sześć dni tygodnia człowiek skupia się na tym, czym człowiek chciałby być. Jednak w siódmy człowiek skupia się na tym, czym Bóg chciałby, aby był człowiek.


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